Credit Builder Loans

  • Open a New Account

    Building credit can be hard when you’re just getting started and do not have credit or recovering from financial difficulties. Having a good credit score is important for anyone to have. As good credit is necesary when trying to finance a car, obtain a mortgage or establish a line of credit.  Opening a new account with Money Loans can help build credit. Paying back a loan shows that you can be reliable and show you apply for other loans.

  • Build Credit Over Time

    A  loan can help  build credit by providing an opportunity to make affordable monthly payments. Loans usually give you 6 to 12 months to finish paying it off. You will develop good savings habits through a loan, which requires you to set aside money every month for a loan payment. As the payments are reported to credit agencies, your credit score will begin to improve over time. With one time payments, a good credit score is reachable in the future.

  • Applying for a Loan

    Money Lons offers  loans that may be used for a variety of reasons, including to build credit. You can visit our two locations to apply for a loan and now you can apply online. We will be happy to assist you today.


Money Loans is registered and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an A+ rating. 



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